The Kingdom of God

Some believe the kingdom of God is the theme of Scripture. I wouldn’t go that far, but I believe it is a central theme. Apparently Jesus agreed. When Matthew summarized his ministry he said this, “He went around the galilee…proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom.” The book of Acts closes with Paul proclaiming the kingdom of God and the Lord Jesus Christ (28:31).

Good. So we should preach the kingdom! But what is it? Never once does the New Testament define the kingdom. Sure, Jesus says the kingdom is like a bunch of things (Matthew 13). Still, he doesn’t say “the Kingdom of God is xxxxxxxxxx.”

So where should we go to understand the kingdom of God? If it is so vital that both Jesus and Paul preached it, then we ought to know what it is. And no, I don’t think its simply the realm of salvation. Although only those who saved enter into it. It’s something more. I believe the only way we can understand the kingdom is by going to the Old Testament and seeing what is had to say on the matter.

How does that sound?


4 thoughts on “The Kingdom of God

  1. Wyatt, you need to go to the GCC bookstore and but Alva J. McClain’s book, “The Greatness of the Kingdom”.

    I’m currently reading through it right now. Top notch!

  2. I feel the fact that Jesus we need to prepare the kindom of God for it is at hand should be the main part. When the kingdom is talked about using comparisons, it is probably because we can not grasp what the true kingdom is truely like. We can use likeness and such but will never fully grasp the true meaning of the kingdom of God until we arrive. That is why the bible explains in depth on how to be Christian. Just my take on it – still learning though. God bless.

  3. sorry – a small correction – “…Jesus said we need to prepare for the kingdom of God …” and I guess not just prepare but remain prepared.

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