Galatians and the Law

How does the Law relate to evangelism, conversion and believers? My understanding of these issues from the book of Galatians are found below:
1.    In regard to evangelism, the Mosaic law can be used to prick a person’s conscience (i.e. using the Ten commandments). But it does not save people and it was historically for the people of Israel.
2.    In regard to conversion, the Mosaic Law cannot save anyone. It was to contain sin until Christ came to fulfill the promises made to Abraham, namely, to bless the world.
3.    In regard to the believer, we are not under the Mosaic Law. This does not mean, however, we are lawless because we obey the commandments of Christ.

One thought on “Galatians and the Law

  1. Yeah, I’d agree with you on this Wyatt.

    The law makes us conscious of sin (Rom. 3:20) but it is powerless to actually save. It only grinds our noses in our depravity and confronts us with the reality of needing a saviour.

    The law is the flint that can ignite the unregenerate conscience, and the Christian does not need to keep the law letter by letter, since Christ saves us from the burden of the law and calls us to the more difficult standard of living a life of love that is overflowing from a truly regenerate heart.

    I sometimes explain this in that “if you don’t keep the 10 commandments, you’re sinning. If you do, you’re not necessarily righteous.”

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