Love, Faith, and Joy (1 Pet 1:7-8)

I stumbled across a Manuscript for John Piper’s 1993 sermon on the above text. He makes this connection. I paraphrase it here:

  1. Faith is trusting in what God will do (vv. 3-7)
  2. Love is loving the Beloved for who he is (8)
  3. Joy is the deep feeling gained by your faith and love (8)

Joy, then, in 1 Peter is based upon who God is and what he has done for you, regardless of the situation which you find yourself. To have sustained joy, we need to love God and believe he will do what he says. That is where the deep feeling of joy comes.

Joy does not come from good things in your life (though they may make you happy). Joy does not come from money and it does not come from fixing your woes. On the other hand, joy does not come from a shallow belief that “God has a wonderful plan for your life.” In fact, many Christians may feel not-so-wonderful, even depressed and saddened.

True Joy, then, comes from a deep sustained faith in God’s promises and love of God for who he is.


2 thoughts on “Love, Faith, and Joy (1 Pet 1:7-8)

  1. Short, but very well put. Makes me think of Acts when Paul is persecuted yet he is filled with joy. Happiness does not equal joy. Also, I appreciate the honesty in saying that it is shallow to believe that God has a wonderful plan for our lives.

    The End.

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