So what is important?

Today is an interesting day.  I have just learned about this blog location but I am not sure if that rates with events such as Tripoli apparently falling, the official Canadian government opposition leader, Jack Layton, has died and US President, Obama, is now getting beat up politically by Democrat pundits.  Typical. . . . people and their accomplishments rise and fall.  We witness how many feel invincible at the top of their particular journey or aspiration and then suddenly it all comes to an end.  Circumstances and decisions authored by ourselves and by others impact everything; like Rome fell and like Napoleon died and like Stalin’s history is now being revisited—not the hero once thought and revered.

Well is there anything about this that is relevant to you. I am musing and warrant there is . . . today is good day for me to begin blogging. . . yes a very interesting day…..


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