Want to kill sin? Put away the methods and pick up the Gospel

Sin blows devastation into our path. Hating sin, we brandish our weapons to scrap with it. What’s more, we create steps, implement programs, use accountability partners, and start content blockers on the internet among a multitude of other means to kill sin.

This is practical, reasonable, pragmatic, and manifestly wrong. I know many people who fight sin with every method under the sun, yet fail to subdue their foe. Finally, they abjure their spiritual tug-of-war against sin.

What gives? No method, plan, system, steps, persons, helps, accountability partners or anything of that sort will quench your vainglory, your proclivity to wickedness.  James 1:21 provides a simple way to snuff out sin.

James says, “Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls” (James 1:21).

First, put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness. Yep. Stop sinning. But that’s the not the whole story.

You do this as you receive God’s already implanted word. According to James 1:18, the word births us to make us the first fruits among God’s creatures. Remembering this word implanted in your soul frees you from the chains of evil.

The word or message that births us (cf. James 1:18) and saves our souls (1:21) is none other than the Gospel, the good news Jesus delivered. So stop sinning by receiving the Gospel humbly. Without this humility to see your sin, you will not kill it.

Want to kill sin? Put away the methods and pick up the Gospel.

3 thoughts on “Want to kill sin? Put away the methods and pick up the Gospel

  1. Hey Wyatt

    Normally, I very much appreciate your terse blog posts, but could you elaborate on what receiving the Gospel practically looks like? The phrase itself isn’t vague, but it raises the question, at least in my mind, of what receiving the Gospel looks like in an day-to-day scenario.

    A good post and a good reminder. Thanks Wyatt.

    Jordan Los

  2. Hey Jordan,

    I’ll write another post on this later. But basically, it’s the continual, conscious focus on the person of Jesus. This means as you wake, you realize God through him created you and the world. This means as you sin, you realize your sin and your savior. This means as you eat, you realize that it is a good gift from God. This means you are in a continual state with communion with God in the Messiah. Your prayers are not 30 minutes in the morning but are constant throughout the day.

    In sum, it’s not about bible reading or focused prayer per se. Rather, it is about the conscious acceptance of your sin, your need of a savior, and God’s provision for everything in life.

    When this happens, God uses the Spirit to radically transform you. How easy is it to sin when you speak with Jesus every few minutes in the day? How hard is it to sin as you contemplate the horrors of the cross and that your sin caused the death of Jesus throughout the day?

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