Distracted Faith

Today in Alberta the infamous “distracted driving law” comes into effect, with police promising drivers “no warnings” and “no mercy”. You may not use your cell phone, put on your make-up or eat a chinese dinner while driving any longer.

It turns out that all the business of life, inside the car, causes tragic incidents and fatalities.

It makes me think about the kinds of busyness I often bring to my faith. Tell me you have never done your Bible reading while listening to music and watching a football game.

The cares of so many things are packed and brought to church every Sunday. Yet, the life of faith is far more consequential than our driving habits.

Perhaps the Elders will have to begin passing out distracted faith tickets? But until then, let’s think about how we can get our spiritual life simplified. Pull over and pray. Take a break and read your Bible. Those are a good start.

CH Spurgeon notes: “To have a great many aims and objects is much the same thing as having no aim at all; for if a man shoots at many things he will hit none, or none worth the hitting.” (Spurgeon.us archive GS303).


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