Casting out Demons

Mark Driscoll explains how to confront demons possessing us. In a very clear and articulate way, he provides simple steps to cast out demons. Admittedly, this is the best “how-to” guide for casting out demons I’ve ever heard.

Thoughts on this?

2 thoughts on “Casting out Demons

  1. Wow, that was really strange. Is this what he considers normal biblical counseling? My thoughts would be:
    1) I noticed, at least in this segment, there’s no real discussion of any biblical text. Right away, my inclination is to think, “of course not, because there are no texts describing how to cast out demons.”
    2) I wonder what kind of affect this has in his congregation and the congregations of people who would follow this model.
    3) This is a really weird way of talking about sanctification. I think I’d just rather reread one of Owen’s works.

  2. Hey Jordan,

    Yeah I totally think it’s strange how he goes about this. To me, it seems like he is trying to be a little to edgy in order to gain attention. But I could be wrong. I often enjoy thinks Driscoll has to say; and it sounds like he is a great pastor who cares for his people.

    Saying that, I agree the biblical basis for this pastoral advise seems weak. But then again, Driscoll become a pastor because an audible voice told him to, he counsels/confronts on sin from time-to-time because he sees visions of sin among his congregants. Supposing God’s spirit gives him visions and leads him through audible voices, I presume that would give enough authority to instruct his congregation this way without an explicit biblical warrant.

    And yeah, Owen all the way!

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