Blogs that everyone should read and heed

Not everything on the internet is worth reading. This won’t surprise any of you who spend time surfing the “world wide web”. Then of course their is the “fun” stuff, that if you have nothing better to do, you might as well enjoy. But there are also the musings of some of the most influential and articulate leaders in the evangelical world, as well as the lesser known, but equally perceptive writings of biblically faithful writers. With the rapid pace of news and events in modern society, it is invaluable to have “go-to” sources that provide thoughtful Christian answers. So grab your laptop or ipad, get a comfy seat and fill up on the good stuff below.

Halloween and Christian Ethics

This week many are thinking about halloween. How should a Christian respond to this holiday? Should a believer go for a boycott? Is participation a good thing? Perhaps pursuing alternatives, such as “harvest festivals” or “reformation day” celebrations are best? Grace to You has a very astute article “Christians and Halloween“. 

Church Planting and Preaching

Church Planting is really in vogue. As a Church planter, I am constantly scanning the latest helpful articles, to see if I can learn something new, or to be warned about the pitfalls others have discovered in this odyssey. There are so many competing strategies, needs and priorities for a Church planter. Sometimes you just need a solid dose of common sense, to sort through all the noise and get back to the core of your mission. The Cripplegate has a brilliant article this week: “Church Planting and Pulpit Priority“.


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