Are you smarter than a PhD?

It is shocking to think about what happens when we take biblical background assumptions for granted. No matter how intelligent we are, or how sincere we are, it is critical that we pay close attention to the exact words of Scripture. What do I mean? Consider the following example.

A little over a hundred years ago, a Mesopotamian scholar argued that the Summerian culture creates lists of kings in groups of 10. He then suggested that the biblical accounts of Genesis 5 and 10 were built upon this pattern, and consequently were not chronological lists.

This led 19th and 20th century liberal scholarship to attack the reliability of scripture.

Now, here is the crazy part. Sincere evangelical scholars of noted intelligence defended the attack by assume the liberal position (specifically that the genealogies were non linear, as not chronological.). They argued that as Matthew made lists of selective genealogies in Matthew chapter one, the author of Genesis was simply following normal practices of Summerian culture when making a selective genealogy, therefore Genesis could still be trusted. We simply must recognize it had no intention of providing chronology.

This has come to be the foundation of evangelical old earth arguments.

Now here is the fun part. PhD scholars developed these theories. They are truly intelligent men. Do you think you are smarter than a PhD?

Read Genesis 5 and Genesis 11, “How many names are listed in the two genealogies?”


One thought on “Are you smarter than a PhD?

  1. Genesis 5 – 13 names, 10 generations
    Genesis 11 – 12 names, up to and including Abram, but only 9 generations more; 5 more names mentioned including Lot, the wives of Lot and Abram and Lot’s other sister, Iscah.  Only one additional generation.  That’s a total of 20 generations, I think, but it is 2:30 am so I might have calculated wrong. 

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