Are the lions hungry in Alberta?

Are the lions hungry in Alberta? Once fed to lions by those who despised their faith, after Christianity was legalized in the Roman Empire, this despised group went on to found hospitals in every Cathedral City! The Old French word for hospital is hôtel-Dieu, “hostel of God.” Following the Bible’s morality, “as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people” (Galatians 6:10), Christians have been on the forefront of patient care since these earliest years, and have continued in the modern western world to have a large impact on health care.

Alberta is an inheritor of the rich health care heritage people have faith have endowed the province with. In the Vicariate Apostolic of Mackenzie, Bishop Gabriel Breynat, O.M.I., was instrumental in securing hospitals. He helped found six hospitals – at Fort Simpson (1914), Fort Smith (1916), Aklavik (late 1920s), Fort Rae (1938), Fort Resolution (1938) and Fort McMurray (1943).

Various communities of religious women have been the key to the establishment and staffing of hospitals in Alberta and the Northwest Territories. Grey Nuns’ Mother Vicar Agnes Carroll established the Holy Cross Hospital in Calgary in 1891, and Provincial Superior Mother Saint-Grégoire established St. Thérèse Hospital in St. Paul in 1926. The small hospital annex at the Mission of St. Albert, run by the Grey Nuns, became the Edmonton General Hospital in 1895. In addition, when the Grey Nuns Hospital was founded in Edmonton in 1988, the Grey Nuns took ownership of it. The Sisters of Providence were involved in some hospitals, especially in Northwestern Alberta. I personally had surgery at the Grey Nun’s Hospital in Edmonton Alberta as a child.

In a debate between provincial politicians today, it was made clear that the leaders vying for election in Alberta, are ready to caste people of faith out of the institutions they bequeathed, because of the very same morality that prompted them to open the hospitals in the first place!

Debate moderator Brianne Hurlburt read out to the candidates for Highwood MLA a question to the effect, “Regarding conscience rights, how will you protect albertans from being denied legal services such as Abortion or Same Sex marriage, and ensure that they are provided with all their options by marriage commissioners Doctors and nurses that oppose these on moral grounds?”. John Barlow PC Candidate answered to the effect, “That’s simple. We force Health Care providers to give patients these things” He added, “take away their licenses if they will not comply”!

Danielle Smith the Wild Rose contender and candidate for Premier noted that she was prochoice, and then followed up that her government, “Would not legislate morality”!

Not legislate morality, Ms. Smith? You mean, that you will legislate your “prochoice morality” and suppress the minority. This great Fallacy must be called out before it costs people far too much. Ms. Smith and the other parties intend to legislate morality with every law they enact. If we eliminate morality from law, murder would have to be made legal! Soon people of faith will have no choice but to withdraw, painfully, from providing compassionate care in certain health care roles unable to help those in need, because their morality is being legislated against. A recent example of this was the Roman Catholic Adoption agencies in New York state shutting down operations when government forced them to act against their beliefs.

This is nothing short than open discrimination against Christians who only desire to “do good”. How soon until (at least metaphorically) Christians are once again to be thrown to the lions?


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