Quebec Decriminalizes Intentional Killing

14 months. The time frame before Quebec legalizes intentional killing. Of course, it will be called medical care. And of course, it will take many legal documents. The patient or their legal guardian (whom they’ve appointed consciously before later affects of disease kicked in) will make the decision.

Still, in 14 months it will be legal for health care workers to slide a needle into some patients arm, depress the injector, and expedite the death of a patient. As this article explains, no public or political outcry has been heard. No response has been given. It simply will happen.

Canadians have in the past authorized end of the life procedures. So this is not surprising. For example,  the Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1968–69 made decriminalized abortion. Legalizing intentional killing is just another step forward for the Great White North.

I think the way forward here to is to investigate legal ways to protect you and your family members from being “forced” into death. That won’t happen for now, but when intentional killings begin happening outside of Quebec (as they likely will), we need to know how to protect our loved ones. This is especially true for Christians who believe that taking innocent life is wrong in any circumstance. All people have been created in God’s image (Gen 1:26–28), and this entitles them to the right of life.


One thought on “Quebec Decriminalizes Intentional Killing

  1. This message is so important to get out. Our culture is changing and will change. The Church must be prepared to articulate a biblical life affirming worldview in the face of more and more opposition. Thanks for the update, Wyatt.

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