The Believer’s Hope and Political Elections

Anti-Christian sentiments swayed the electorate in a close fought race. This week, the province of Alberta held a significant election. The end result was disappointing. It was not disappointing to see who won (a Centre leaning progressive conservative party), but rather how they won.

The PC party won on a surge of anti- christian bigotry. Going into the final week, a rival more right leaning conservative party was polled in the lead. But three issues began to dog them:

1. Two pastors were running for office. A year ago, one of them spoke on a Christian blog about homosexuality. He made it clear that homosexuality was a sin, and that sinners go to the lake of fire. His party leader came under fire for not throwing him out of the partying. She stated that this reflected the views of many people of faith and that if her party were the only one accepting of people of faith, she would be glad to have them.

2. Conscience rights. This phrase is being describe the rights of an individual to act according to their conscience, in moral issues. For example, a Catholic doctor may hold that birth control immoral, or any Christian doctor or nurse that abortion is murder. The winning PCs promised to strip such “offenders” of their licenses and insinuated that their opponents would protect these dark age through backs.

3. Finally, the issue of global warming struck. No candidate denied global warming. The leader of the defeated conservatives said the extent and impact of human contribution and prevention was unsettled and they would carefully monitor the scientific discussion. This was called “denial” and “disbelief in gravity.

Each of these issues are very important to Christians. We believe it is loving and compassionate to warn people of the consequences of sin and to call them to salvation: in fact according go Jesus that is our mission (Matthew 28:19). The secular religious beliefs in “human rights”, meaning the right to behave in any moral fashion without limitation, was declared by one of the candidates to “trump conscience rights” (or the right to hold Christian convictions). The current theory of global warming is tied into the bigger picture of the secular naturalism view of origins over billions of years verses the Christian or biblical  supernaturalism. Both systems could accept some principles of human based global warming, but some of the conclusions are still under discussion and debate in the scientific community, while other conclusions are part and parcel with secular naturalism and not Christian supernaturalism.

Christians are coming under closer and closer scrutiny and elections are now being won on anti-christian bigotry. What are we to make of this? I believe this is a wake up call. It is a wakeup call in at least three ways.

  1. If we thought we were in a world much like us, we need to think again.  Friendship with the world (the present evil system, not individual people) makes one an enemy of God.
  2. If we were hoping that our deliverance would come through the government, our hope was in the wrong place. Our hope is in Christ alone. For “our citizenship is in heaven from which we await our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ”. He is the one who will “deliver us from this present evil age”.
  3. The majority of our fellow Citizens are afraid of our values. This shows that they are walking in spiritual darkness. They love the darkness. We need to have a deep compassion in them. We need to reach them with the gospel. Our world is ruined by sin, it needs redemption in Christ and renewal or regeneration by the Holy Spirit.



One thought on “The Believer’s Hope and Political Elections

  1. Thank you, Pastor for the reminder. It is also a wake up call that we need to be reminded that God is ultimately in control. Though we hold elections, He is ultimately the one who determines who will leads us. He establishes the time and place for each individual and each ruler. We need to remember that these leaders are over us because He placed them there. We must pray for them and ask God to work through them to lead rightly. And when they do not, we need to know, without a doubt that He still uses even the ungodly for His own purposes, that Christ is the ultimate King whose kingdom will prevail, and every knee shall bow and every tongue proclaim that He is Lord over all. We must not be discouraged. Psalm 115:3 “Our God is in the heavens, He does whatever He pleases.” We should also remember Colossians 1:16, Isaiah 40:21-24, Romans 13:1-7, I Timothy 2:1-6.

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