Seven Year Celebration

Seven years ago last Sunday, my wife and I made a covenant of marriage together. Marriage can be challenging. Marriage can be a joy. For me it has been both at times, but always the most valuable relationship in my life.

A Christ centered marriage reflect the truth that God has “joined” together each married couple by his Spirit (Malachi 2:15 and Matthew 19:6).

This week I have committed to enjoying and celebrating my marriage and family, and it has been a great thing to do.

One of the great difficulties of blogging, however, is to keep consistent and valuable content coming in fresh posts.

As a full time pastor, part time post graduate student, husband and Father, there are times when my priorities prohibit the development of structured posts.

I hope to be able to continue my discussion of the historic conflict over inerrancy next week. In the meanwhile I hope that you will turn your mind to marriage this week, and pray for the health of your own marriage and/or those in your congregation.

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