Grace, Gossip, Fear and Doubt

Do you need wisdom to navigate through some of life’s most common challenges? Each and every Christian faces challenges in their walk related to these four things; Grace, Gossip, Fear and Doubt. The word of God instructs: “Let your speech be always full of grace” (Col. 4:6). Have you ever failed on this challenge? We are told in Proverbs 11:12-13 that a gossip is an untrustworthy person, but one who keeps silent and keeps a secret is a man or woman of understanding! Can you fault yourself on saying too much from time to time?

Have you ever sat and listened to a debate about childrearing and wondered if you were going to scar your 6 month old (or 12 year old) for life with your decision? What parent hasn’t? Jesus rebuked his disciples several times saying, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”. Does that sort of passage bring pangs of guilt to your conscience? In this post I am letting some of the people I read encourage me and any who read with their wisdom on these issues. Please comment if you enjoy there posts.


It can be hard to show grace when something you believe so strongly that you identify yourself with it, is challenged. Perhaps this is why Politics can be so acrimonious. But it should not be so in the Church. Al Mohler shows how a Church statesman can bring light from the heat of the ongoing Calvinism/Arminian debate in the SBC. Since so many of our evangelical associations and institutions are arguing over significant biblical issues, Mohler’s position challenges us to argue biblically (link).


Gossip is deadly.  It destroys trust between people and therefore kills friendships.  If left alone it can cripple ministries and destroy good leaders.  I hate gossip, and so does God.

So writes my good friend Allan Descheneau in his blog post entitled: “Gossip Kills Fellowship” (link). Have you ever been burned by someone talking about you behind your back? Have you ever seen gossip in your Church? Your work?


Children are smart. They know if you really believe what you are saying.They can tell if we are living in fear or if we are trusting in the loving and sovereign hand of God.

Parenting is rewarding, exciting and fun, but parenting is also hard. I have been learning how hard every day for the last four plus years! For many parents, the challenge of raising up young “Champions for Christ” in the midst of conflicting advice  can lead us to fear. My sister has written a great post providing biblical wisdom and prudence to deal with this fear (link).


It is hard to maintain our faith in a world of skeptics. Doubts often assail even the strongest of believers when they take their eyes of the Lord Jesus and get caught up in the circumstances of life:


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