Reading the Major Prophets

For the past while, the Grahams have let this blog fallow.  Yet, the time has come again to plant. We hope that the Grahams of Montrose will reap a rich harvest of over the next year. To begin with, I am going to chronicle my time reading through Ezekiel in Hebrew.  If all goes well, Jeremiah and Isaiah will follow soon thereafter.

The reason for doing so is two-fold. First, weekly updates will keep me accountable to my plan. Second, I need to read through these books in Hebrew before January to prepare for future academic study. My very simple plan is to dedicate one hour a day to reading through the Hebrew text: 7am-8am. Although I do grant that those times may change (i.e. 6am-7am).

I aim to follow through with this plan, and to follow Ezekiel with Jeremiah and Isaiah in Hebrew.


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