Acts 15: An Early Church Conference (Guest Post by Ruben Videira)

Ruben Videira Soengas is a Spaniard who serves as a leader and staff member of Spanish Ministries in Grace Community Church. He currently is pursuing a Th.M in New Testament from the Master’s Seminary. His interest in Biblical covenants and especially the Davidic covenant makes him an able Biblical Theologian. His post today provides great insight into the how the Bible fits together. I encourage you to read and learn from Ruben. W. G.

There are few events recorded in the book of Acts that have had a greater impact throughout Church history than the council of Jerusalem (Acts 15). During this council, the leaders of the apostolic church were trying to establish if the Gentiles’ salvation would be possible apart from circumcision (Acts 15:1, 5). In order to solve this issue James, an elder in the church of Jerusalem, quoted Amos 9:11–12, indicating that the present work of God among Jews and Gentiles harmonizes with the divine intentions prophesied in Amos. James’ answer seems to solve the issue, and if that was the case, then what is really intriguing is that he connects the inclusion of the gentiles to the Davidic covenant. So, the obvious question is, why is James going back to the covenant with David? Continue reading