Are the lions hungry in Alberta?

Are the lions hungry in Alberta? Once fed to lions by those who despised their faith, after Christianity was legalized in the Roman Empire, this despised group went on to found hospitals in every Cathedral City! The Old French word for hospital is hôtel-Dieu, “hostel of God.” Following the Bible’s morality, “as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people” (Galatians 6:10), Christians have been on the forefront of patient care since these earliest years, and have continued in the modern western world to have a large impact on health care.

Alberta is an inheritor of the rich health care heritage people have faith have endowed the province with. In the Vicariate Apostolic of Mackenzie, Bishop Gabriel Breynat, O.M.I., was instrumental in securing hospitals. He helped found six hospitals – at Fort Simpson (1914), Fort Smith (1916), Aklavik (late 1920s), Fort Rae (1938), Fort Resolution (1938) and Fort McMurray (1943). Continue reading