Are the evangelical understandings of biblical inerrancy in error?

 Was God’s public display of Jesus Christ, “as a propitiation” for sinners (Romans 3:25), the very foundation of Christian proclamation, or divine child abuse? Did Paul teach the imputation of Christ’s righteousness justifies the ungodly (Romans 1:17), or is it time for a new perspective on Paul? Is the gospel of God the power of God for salvation; to all who believe (Romans 1:16), or is are good deeds, a more effective draw than old creeds? Today the Church is wrestling with a whole host of challenges, and once again the foundations of authority are being questioned.

The vital question of authority has traditionally been framed by the question, “Is the Bible our inerrant authority for all matters upon which it addresses?” Some today make plain that it is not, whether they come at it from the perspective of skepticism in the emergent movement, by some sociological driven segments of the missional movement or the pragmatism that continues to be an authority for those in the seeker movement. Continue reading