How to Behold God’s Glory in Scripture

Recently I wrote on how to “Overcome Spiritual Stagnation.” My writing argued from Scripture that the way to overcome spiritual stagnation is by behold the glory of God in the face of Christ, which can seen in Scripture as the Spirit encourages us through it. In short, reading and seeing God’s wonders in Scriptures is the main way to overcome spiritual stagnation. The post then steered in the direction of studying the Old Testament. This is because in the Old Testament, we see God’s unfolding revelation play out. Continue reading

Overcoming Spiritual Stagnation

A dark room that reeks of the musty smell that accompanies rot. Alone here, your mind wanders nowhere yet everywhere at the same time. A feeling of dread, loneliness or something wriggles through your bones. A sucking feeling in your gut tips you off that you are hungry but you are not sure. It might just be anxiety. All of this happened because of a keen experience of separation from God. A sort of spiritual anxiety. The Puritans described this feeling with the phrase, “the dark night of the soul.” They knew well about the malady of spiritual depression.

Spiritual stagnation is a problem that will bombard everyone at one point or another. Depression, fears and anxiety gush out, because we feel “separated” from God, from grace. We feel alone, sinful, dirty and unloved—or perhaps unloving.

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