Dangers of Moralism

Thomas Schreiner identifies two problems that will wreck havoc on future generations in this article. First, he says that while we believe the Scripture is inspired, we betray a feeling that is not sufficient by skirting over controversial issues. Second, and most relevant here, he argues that solely horizontal preaching will lead to weakness in discernment and liberal theology.

Horizontal preaching is simply preaching on marriage, conquering fear and the like. These aren’t bad in themselves and must be preached. “But,” Schreiner says, “what is troubling is that these sort of sermons become the staple week in and week out, and the theological worldview that permeates God’s word and is the foundation for all of life is passed over in silence. Our pastors turn into moralists rather like Dear Abby who give advice on how to live a happy life week after week” (20). Continue reading