Where the Battle Always Begins

Are you struggling to get a good perspective with some of the controversial issues in the Church today? Before we can ask the question like, “What about gay marriage?” or “Should the church ordain women?” or, “what is an acceptable form of worship?” or “should infants be baptized” a more pressing and foundational question must be answered: “Is the Bible trustworthy?” (see the prequel to this post – link).

This question of trustworthiness (labeled by theologians Inerrancy), because of its foundational nature, is the real issue behind most of the debates in the Church from the Reformation to the present day, and seems to have been and still be the particular issue of conflict throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.  Saying that inerrancy (or the trustworthiness of the Bible) was the real issue upon which the church would rise or fall through the 20th century, is not to argue that other vital doctrines were not in strenuously debated and critical. But as Spurgeon’s magazine argued 150 years ago, “where ministers and Christian churches have held fast to the truth that the Holy Scriptures have been given by God as an authoritative and infallible rule of faith and practice, they have never wandered very seriously out of the right way”.[1] Continue reading