The Writers


Wyatt Graham was born in Canada, traveled to Virginia and now lives in Los Angeles. He is pursuing his Ph.D in Old Testament studies at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary  and serves as an intern at Grace Community Church.




Chad Graham is a pastor, father, and sports fanatic, currently completing a D.Min through the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Visit his church website at You can follow Chad on Twitter @graham_chad.





Gary Graham has been a biblical church elder for over 25 years in various Canadian communities. By day he keeps his community safe from bad guys, on the weekends he guards the flock from bad teaching with engaging Adult Bible Classes at Gary is  the father of both of his fellow bloggers on this site.

5 thoughts on “The Writers

  1. To the Grahams, this is kind of off topic, but i’m trying to back-track my family, so far i’ve discovered that I am a descendant of the montrose line, can you all tell me about your families’ histories?

  2. Wyatt , I read ‘Why God Commanded Abraham to Kill Isaac” and found it very interesting. Frankly, I was especially taken by the picture you used. I thought it showed the frenzy of Abraham the moment before God stayed his hand in an unusually visceral way. I was wondering where you found it? I’d like to contact the artist. Great work by the both of you. Steve

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